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Why Australians Are a Happy People

Why Australians Are a Happy People

February 28, 2014 12:41 pm9 comments

Each year the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network conducts studies on the satisfaction and overall happiness of people around the world. They then rank countries based on how happy its citizens are in the World Happiness Report. In 2013, Australians ranked as the 10th happiest people in the world.

We can be poetic in explaining what makes Australians happy, but we cannot deny that there are concrete and practical reasons why people in this country are generally happy, contented, and satisfied with their lives.

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1. A progressive and healthy economy.

Money may not be everything, but we cannot deny its importance. The progressive economy reflects in the generally progressive lives of the people in Australia. Not everyone may be wealthy, but the majority are living comfortably enough. That entails having a roof over their heads, enough money for food, utilities, pursuing an education or career ambition, luxuries like a car and regular vacations, and so forth. The absence of money woes can truly make a person content and happy.

2. Relaxed culture and innate nature of the people.

Australians are naturally laid-back people. They like to go out and have fun. They spend a lot of quality time with friends, family, and co-workers. They like to make fun of themselves and the things the rest of the world knows them for, from Tim-Tam slams to mad koalas and snakes in the backyard.

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3. Very good health care.

Another thing people take for granted with regards to overall happiness is health care. Healthy people can accomplish their goals. They can do a lot of things and have the capacity to do what pleases them most. With very good health care in Australia, it’s no wonder that majority of its people are stress-free and happy.

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