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What to Do with Your Colored Contact Lens Once Halloween Is Over

What to Do with Your Colored Contact Lens Once Halloween Is Over

Halloween Haunted House

As the month of October approaches its end, people scramble to find the best pair of cheap colored contact lenses to match their costumes for the upcoming Halloween party. This time of year, the demand for colored contact lenses Halloween usually peak due to their ever increasing popularity, thanks to horror flicks and celebrities. But what do you do with your contact lens after you’re done using them? How do you store them to improve their shelf life?

 Cheap disposable colored contact lenses can be thrown away after a month or two. But for top-of-the-line contact lenses, there are proper ways to clean and store them in order to maintain their quality and to ensure that they are safe to use on your next event.

Lens Cover

To properly care for your colored contact lenses, you will need a no-rub multipurpose contact lens solution, enzymatic tablets for extended wear colored lenses, and a contact lens case with screw-on lids. The latter normally comes free with every purchase of a bottle of contact lens solution.

 The key to improving the lifespan of your colored contact lens is proper storage and regular cleaning. Before you handle the lenses, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, whether you are putting them on or taking them off. Compared to clear corrective contact lenses, it is rather difficult to spot lint or dust on colored contacts. That is why you need to take special care when handling your lenses, as even the most minute dust particles and lint present may irritate your eyes.

No Rub Solution

Using a no-rub cleaning solution is extremely important when disinfecting your colored contact lenses. Rubbing the lenses to clean them may scratch the color and damage the lens in the process, so make sure to avoid rubbing them during this process. Once stored, always remember to clean extended wear colored contact lenses with enzymatic tablets at least once a week to maintain quality and avoid damage.

 Compared to disposable lenses, extended wear colored contacts can be worn on a daily basis for up to a year, so it’s important to keep them disinfected regularly to make sure that they are safe to wear and do not cause any eye irritations. When you’re not wearing your contacts, store them in a contact lens case with a screw-on lid. This type of case is ideal for storing colored lenses that you only wear for special occasions. Make sure to screw the lid tightly to avoid leaks, especially if you are going to be carrying them in your bag or purse.

 If you are going to store your colored contact lenses over a period of time, make sure to regularly clean and replace the solution inside the lens case in order to maintain their integrity. The brand new costume lens you are wearing in this year’s Halloween party can still be used next year, so long as it’s carefully maintained and stored.

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How to Make Your Contact Lenses Last Longer and Your Eyes Healthier

How to Make Your Contact Lenses Last Longer and Your Eyes Healthier

Clean Contact Lens

Taking care of your contact lenses only involves two basic steps. First, you have to make sure to clean and disinfect them properly and second, you have to store them in the right place inside a suitable container. Now, the point in doing this is to avoid contamination. After all, you wouldn’t want something ridden with bacteria and germs to come into close contact with your eyes right? A lot of people are aware of this. Unfortunately, not all of them know how to do it correctly or how often they should do it. If you are going to wear contact lenses for whatever reason, you have to make sure to follow the same correct cleaning procedure.

The only way to avoid going through the entire disinfecting process is to go for daily disposable lenses. But unless you are willing to choose that expensive and impractical option, then you have to learn how to clean and take care of your lenses properly in order to prolong their life span and at the same time maintain your eyes’ overall wellness.

 Several Solutions And Enzyme Tablets

A few years ago, people who wore contact lenses needed a whole arsenal of cleaning products. They needed to buy several solutions and enzyme tablets just to maintain the cleanliness of their lenses. Thankfully, manufacturers have probably seen how discouraging this could be to their consumers and have come up with multipurpose solutions to make life easier for contact lens wearers.

However, just because you can buy one bottle of solution to take care of your contact lenses doesn’t mean you can just settle for any kind. These solutions are made using a variety of ingredients. Your task is to look for one that suits you best. Most of these solutions are formulated using hydrogen peroxide. When used in controlled amounts, this ingredient is safe. But some people are more sensitive than others and react poorly to this type of solution. If you happen to be among those people, you have to choose solutions that are free of any preservatives.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You have to check the expiration dates of these solutions and be careful not to use them once they reach that date. Otherwise, you will be doing more harm than good to both your contact lenses and to your eyes. If you use them regularly, make sure to clean your contact lenses every day. Replace the solution as often as possible and when not in use, your contact lenses should be sealed in a clean case and stored in a safe location.

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How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses for Your Needs

Contact Lenses Come In Different Types

Contact lenses come in different types. While all of them are safe for everyone, not all of them can correct different types of eye problems properly. Different kinds of contact lenses were created to suit different types of needs. In order to truly benefit from them, you have to know what kind of eye problem you suffer from. Most people suffer from common eye problems like astigmatism, hyperopia or far-sightedness and myopia or nearsightedness. It is also possible for some people to suffer from a combination of myopia and astigmatism or hyperopia and astigmatism. The only way for you to find out is to visit a qualified eye care specialist to pinpoint the problem for you.

Varying Contact Lens

Apart from diagnosing your problem, an eye doctor should also help you get the right measurements for your eyes. This is necessary since contact lenses are manufactured in varying shapes and sizes. They vary in curvature and diameter and not all of those lenses are going to fit you properly. The right fit will lessen your feeling of discomfort during the break in period which is expected to last for about a week or two.

The main reason why you need to consult an eye doctor is to have your eyesight and your eye’s physiology evaluated and measured so as to determine the exact type of lenses would suit you best. However, your eye doctor may also detect additional problems such as dryness and sensitivity to light. If he does, he is likely to prescribe you with special types of lenses that are designed to combat eye dryness and light sensitivity.

 Consult An Eye Doctor

You can also help your doctor by bringing up any concerns you have regarding your vision. You can also tell him about your personal preferences so he is better equipped with the right information to tailor your prescription.

Once you’re done getting a prescription, the next thing that you should do is to look for a reliable contact lens retailer. You can find them either online or in your neighborhood. Regardless of where you choose to buy your contact lenses, make sure that they are safe and reliable. You can check the feedbacks of previous customers to gauge how reliable a certain retailer is. If they are reliable you’ll know. Another way to make sure is to ask from your friends who already own a pair of contact lenses. Ask them where they got it and for how much. Chances are if your friends are regular customers of a certain retailer, they might be able to hook you up with discounts and promo rates.

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How to Wear Novelty Lenses for All Occasions

How to Wear Novelty Lenses for All Occasions

While a lot of people have only started to wear special-effect contact lenses nowadays, these things aren’t exactly a new thing. Theatrical lenses have started existing decades ago. If you’ve noticed, the film industry has started using them since the 1950s. Way before contact lenses were used in more modern films like the Twilight Saga and the Pirates of the Caribbean, they were used in countless adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula since the late 50s as well as in certain episodes of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek since the early 60s. Musical artists such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson have started using them way before the current millennium started.

 Marilyn Manson

Now, it’s not really difficult to see why a lot of people have started to wear them. Apart from eyesight correction, contact lenses are just simply fun to wear. A lot of people have started using them for aesthetic reasons. Generally, these tiny gel-like discs are safe for everyone given that they know how to use and take care of them properly.

 Contact Lens Are Fun

If you wish to take advantage of their aesthetic value, whether to enhance your feature or to try out a trippy new look, make sure to consult a qualified eye care professional first. Even if you don’t suffer from any vision problems, you still need to have your eyes fitted in order to choose which contact lenses would suit you best. Aside from that, you also need a prescription before you are able to purchase contact lenses in the US. The only dealers who will provide you with a pair of contact lenses without a prescription are the shady ones. And these types of retailers don’t really care much about your eye health. They will sell you anything, even expired and less-sterile contact lenses just to make a profit. The last thing you want to do is to risk your eye health just to obtain a pair of contact lenses from these guys. Make sure to buy contact lenses only from legitimate online sellers or from licensed optical shops and eye care specialists.

 Clean Contact Lens

For your own sake, don’t try and share your contact lenses with anyone once you start using them. And even if no one else uses them but yourself, you still need to clean and disinfect them using the right products every day. Your eye care specialist as well as your contact lens retailer should provide you with clear instructions on how to keep your contact lenses clean and safe for use.

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Things to Avoid in Organizing Conventions

Things to Avoid in Organizing Conventions

Due to the increasing popularity of cosplay, video games, comic books, and other related mediums, it’s expected that cosplay and hobby conventions happen almost every year in the country. Organizations and groups who make these events happen typically start out small but—due to cosplay’s increasing popularity—flourish into huge organizations owing to the continuous support from among regular con-goers from different parts of the country.

Avengers Cosplay

Due to this increasing trend, there are some groups or individuals who have planned to organize their own groups but have ended up disappointed. One popular example would be DashCon, a convention created for Tumblr users and fans of numerous series like Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Avengers, and Attack on Titan. It has been hailed by netizens and its previous visitors as the worst convention that they have ever attended in the US area. If you want to organize a convention and you don’t know where to start, be sure to take note of the following:

For Invited Guests, Do Not Let Them Spend

One of the big blunders that organizers have to avoid is letting their special guests spend for their flights, hotel accommodations, and other necessities. Be sure you have enough budget to provide complete VIP treatment for your guests and do not let them spend even a single cent. There have been some cases where the guest no longer attended the convention or backed out of the featured panels in the event because the organizers could not afford to pay for his accommodation and his performance/talent fee. Remember that majority of these individuals do what they love for a living and these guests can’t do everything for free.

Witch Blade Cosplay

Allocate and Spend Funds Wisely

Though your organized convention may have gained a lot of money due to the support of the sponsors, it does not mean that you can spend everything as much as you like. When you finally have the funds, list down the things that are still needed to keep the convention running; check if there are other things that are needed to be paid and bought. Just because you gained a lot of support from your con-goers and sponsors, it does not automatically mean that you have enough to make the convention a success.

Allowing Items That Might Harm Cosplayers and Con-Goers

When it comes to organizing a cosplay or hobby convention, remember that the security and safety of everyone is very important. Be sure you have hired credible security personnel to keep an eye on things. Be sure to announce a list of prohibited items ahead of time for everyone to be informed.

Cosplay Weapons

Providing High Rental Fees to Vendors

One of the highlights in any convention would be the selling of items and different fandom merchandise. This is also one opportunity for vendors or hobby shops to sell and gain sales for their respective businesses. As organizers, it is considered inappropriate to provide high rental fees for vendors who want to sell their stuff during the convention. The key is offering affordable rental prices to draw in more vendors for the event. You gain more with that setup.

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